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The 8 K noodles and BA noodles

Author:   Date:2014-06-30  From:  Hits:922

       The 8 K plank noodles and BA plank noodles.Two kinds of plank noodles make to mix very easily, the BA noodles is like a mirror but opposite but the speech compare a 8 K the noodles want misty a lot of, but 8 K the noodles and mirror is very clearly exactly alike, can shine on a shape of object.General BA noodles is BE whetted out by the 2 B noodles, but 8 K noodles then whet to°from the BA noodles.Whet in luck to wait BA noodles and 8 K noodles to there is a Jing whetting whetting with Pu.Jing's whetting the differentiation that whets with Pu is grinding of time lead the number of times of machine, the general Jing whets to whet good effect, the Jing whets of the request is very high.But the Pu whetted to once need one two machine all right.None of requests that the general Pu whets is Gao to can lead a machine very much all right.Two kinds of prices also differ very greatly, however generally whetting the price of these two kinds of plank noodles is very high.Whet these two medium side the problem usually appearing have hair silk, time is grinding there is pimping dust in the machine will also influence very much.The time that generally deposits the BA noodles wants to separate a blank sheet of paper to deposit, but 8 K the noodles will stick a protection film, and want thickly even is several protection films of layer, generally want to press the customer to request to stick.Stuck the 8 K of the film plank not can at deposit too long, too long easy lead gum, lead gum can hardly tore a protection film, time tore at the same time also easily flub plank noodles, so while generally can'ting deposit the plank of 8 K noodles, but will deposit the plank of BA noodles, needing inside in the warehouse directly takes processing of BA noodles 8 K the noodles is all right.Under the certainly general circumstance the BA can avoid depositing and then avoiding, because the BA noodles also makes a flower very easily, the person spends on trampling and spend can not whet 8 K noodles.The general warehouse deposits of is all plank of 2 B noodles.Talk it because of opposite notter easy make a flower, and as long as making florally must be can use to process other plank noodles to sell again all very seriously and then can avoid much otiose loss.

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