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304 stainless steels

Author:   Date:2014-06-30  From:  Hits:845

      304 main compositions contain carbon(≤ 0.08), silicon(≤ 1.00), manganese(≤ 2.00), Lin(≤ 0.045), sulphur(0.03), Nie(8.0-10.5), chrome(18-20) etc..304 can have already pressed to postpone plank with positive wealth plank, the positive wealth knothole 2 B noodles ratio presses to postpone of the 2 B noodles want to be a little bit shining, the general 2 B noodles can process various plank noodles, if process into BA noodles, 8 K noodles, titanium gold noodles, whet sand noodles an etc.!
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