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202 choose to use with 304 material flagpoles

Author:   Date:2014-06-30  From:  Hits:857

       See from flagpole outward appearance, titanium steel 202 come out with the plank material creation of 304 materials of the flagpole didn't have much differentiation, but saw be very different from the composition of material.So company's house chooses to use should notice following aspect:
The flagpole generally suitable for circumlittoral district of 304 materials, the anti- breeze is effective and can't become rusty etc. phenomenon, either in the condition of acidity material.
202 materials comparing 304 materials almost and generally an ability anti- also is 10 classes or so strong wind, just after meeting acidity material meeting rise rust spot etc..
There is also the flagpole of 316 materials, but this kind of price be very high and generally seldom choose to use.
    For general business enterprise unit, school, star class' cabaret's etc. should choose to use the flagpole that 202 materials make to order.
For Be located on circumlittoral district of, should choose to use 304 materials.The steel material in nowadays is on the market:The plank material of 304 materials wants to compare the stainless steel plank of 201 and 202 materials the price of the material to want Gao of a lot of, so Be company's house should carry on choosing to use according to own actual circumstance.The flagpole which insures to make choice of purchase is use by in keeping with oneself.

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