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The suitable height of business enterprise flagpole

Author:   Date:2014-06-30  From:  Hits:906

      The height of flagpole is generally divided into 14 meters, 16 meters to generally take sense of vision accommodation as with 18 meters, the height of the flagpole and the height of the building good, such as the 5 F floor(16.5 meters-16 meters, the story high is in 3.5 meters-3.3 meters) building the flagpole of the root be apart from at 15-18 meters, the flagpole takes 16 meters as proper;The flag is divided into the 0th, the first, the second, the third, the area is different, under the general circumstance use on the 1st and No.2 flag, the most uses No.2 flag;The local business enterprise generally is three flagpoles currently, three flagpole heights are different, main flagpole(rise national flag)16 meters-18 meters, another two's being low be 200 millimeters at the main flagpole, a flag which rises a business enterprise a supervisor a bureau, a flag which rises a business enterprise;If your business enterprise is Chinese and Foreign joint venture, the so main flagpole rises national flag, the left side rises the flag of cooperation nation, and the right side rises a supervisor the flag of the bureau.(can also rise the flag of own business enterprise)But the height should remember can not be high at 19.49 meters.(the flagpole of Tienanmen Square is 19.49 meters)

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